Experience the worlds first Luxury Ambulance — the epitome of excellence in medical transportation. Designed by acclaimed limousine architects, the ambulance will astound you with her elegance, comfort and serenity.


NYC Luxury Ambulance 1

luxury and comfort


The challenges of time and distance are replaced by luxury and comfort. Regardless if it's going 'cross town' for treatment or 'cross country' for a scheduled procedure or to consult with a specialist, the luxury experience we've created will 'transport' you even before you begin your journey.

That's because we created an environment that would not be out of place in a five star hotel or corporate jet. From the 400 thread count cotton linen, to the plush bedding to the LED mood lighting system to the flat screen/Wi-Fi/Satellite Radio/Digital Surround Sound theatre to the warm mahogany inlays which surround you, no detail was too small to address when it came to creating an interior that isn't merely superior...but ultimate in its class.

NYC Luxury Ambulance Interior

Function Every Bit As Amazing As The Form

While straightforward in theory, realizing this vision required a total rethink of the medical transport dynamic.

Because the VIP ambulance was created by Citywide, a recognized leader in all kinds of emergency medical transportation for over four decades, clients will have access to a staff that’s handpicked around their specific medical needs. Regardless if this means a team of paramedics & EMT’s, physicians, nurses, or any combination thereof, you will be accompanied by whoever it takes to make your journey as medically safe as possible. And while every vehicle is New York State certified, the level of equipment it’s outfitted with exceeds even the most demanding standards.

You see, we're not just about delivering a first class medical transport experience for you and your loved ones; we're also about delivering piece of mind.

Luxury Ambulance ALS Setup

The VIP Ambulance is “On Call” for:

  • Long Distance | Local transports for medical appointments | inter-facility transports | admissions and discharges
  •  On site standby during Events | Concerts Conferences etc
  • On location | On Set movie shoots
  • VIP | Dignitary transfers
  • Corporate Outings
  • Airport Pick up and Transfer
  • Transport and accompany to Weddings, social functions and other events that until now were too challenging for conventional transportation services.
New York Luxury Medical Transportation