Luxury Ambulance Service from Citywide

Citywide is proud to introduce our unparalleled VIP Medical Transport service, the first of its kind in the world. Medical transportation services have for years overlooked the desires of its patients for a more refined and sophisticated option in private ambulance service. At Citywide, we have answered the calls of patients who value the comforts of a five-star transportation experience by offering this unique Luxury Ambulance service in New York City. Of course, as a leader in private ambulance service, our luxury ambulances are as equally equipped as our standard one, with only the best and most modern medical equipment featuring in each of our medical transport vehicles. Simply put, Citywide VIP Medical Transport by Citywide brings you the 'First Class' experience to and from any destination in New York City.

The New Luxury Standard in Private Ambulance Service

Citywide's luxury ambulance service aims to provide a level of comfort and amenities every bit as sophisticated as its state certified medical services.
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Regardless if our patients are going cross town for treatment or even across the country for a scheduled procedure or to consult with a specialist, the luxury ambulance experience we've created will 'transport' you even before you begin your journey.
Our luxury ambulance service replaces the challenges of distance and time with superior luxury and comfort, as we’ve designed an environment that would not be out of place in a five star hotel or corporate jet.
From the 400 thread count cotton linen, to the plush bedding to the multi- mode lighting system to the Flat Screen TV Theatre with Wi-Fi, Satellite Radio & Digital Surround Sound to the warm mahogany inlays, no detail was too small to address when it came to creating an interior that isn’t merely superior- but the ultimate in its class. At Citywide, our VIP private ambulance service truly is one-of-a-kind.

Luxury Patient Transport You Can Trust

As a recognized leader in every kind of emergency medical transportation services for nearly two decades, patients of our VIP private ambulance service will be glad to know that they have access to a staff handpicked around their specific medical needs. Whether you require a team of paramedics & EMT's, board-certified physicians, Critical Care nurses or any combination thereof, you will be accompanied by whoever it takes to make your journey as safe as possible.
And while each of our luxury ambulances is New York State certified, the level of equipment it's outfitted with exceeds even the most demanding standards. At Citywide, we’re not just about delivering a first class patient transport experience for you and your loved ones- we're also about delivering the highest standard of peace of mind possible.

Our VIP Ambulance Service is On-Call for:

  • Long distance/Local transport for medical consultations, treatments etc.
  • On Site 'Standby' during Events, Concerts, Conferences, etc.
  • On location/On Set film shoots
  • VIP/Dignitary transfers
  • Corporate Outings
  • Private & Commercial airport transfers
  • Transportation to weddings, social functions and other events that until now were too challenging for conventional transportation services

On-Board Medical Supplies & Equipment

  • Multi Channel Infusion Pumps
  • Ventilators
  • Defibrillators
  • Pulse-Oxymetry
  • 12 Lead EKG with capnography, external pacing
  • IVAC Syringe Pumps
  • Intra Aorta Balloon Pump
  • PLUS virtually any specialty device your physician requests.

Unbeatable Private Ambulance Service in New York

New York is a city that takes the finer things in life very seriously. At Citywide, we are proud to finally give New Yorkers the opportunity to enjoy private ambulance service that meets their standards for luxury. Medical illness and/or limited mobility should not be reasons that you cannot enjoy patient transport in a more comfortable and satisfactory environment than a traditional ambulance.
Although we have taken great strides to provide you with the ultimate luxury patient transport experience, it is important to note that at Citywide, the patient’s health always comes first. You and your loved ones can count on Citywide to have the required equipment needed and the best ambulance staff in New York City at your service when you choose us for VIP medical transport.
Need to schedule VIP ambulance service? Visit our Contact Us page. Of course, browse around our informative site to learn more about our other fine patient transport services in the New York City area.
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